Thursday, November 30, 2006


Did you ever put something off until you could do a really good job? Until you could get it perfect?

This is why I haven't blogged since August. I kept thinking of things to write, but never actually did it. I'd think, "Well, if I mention this project, I should mention that one, and this one, and... and..." The 'ands' would paralyze me.

So now, if I want to write, I'm going to write. Hopefully you'll get a coherent picture of what I'm doing.


I swear, my Trekking socks are jinxed.

A few weeks ago, DH and I babysat our nephew. I took the sock along. I figured it would be simple enough to do while a bit distracted, but not so simple it would be boring when not distracted.

It worked, at first. Then I went to pick it up, and one of my needles had disappeared! I had put it on the back of the couch for just a few minutes, and C. hadn't been anywhere near it. I started fishing around under the cushions. No needle. I got up and looked on the floor all around, and under, the couch. I started pulling cushions off the couch and tossing them on the floor, to the delight of C. (he's two). No joy. Finally, I had to admit that the couch had eaten my needle.

See? Jinxed!

(The happy postscript is that this weekend I got a voice mail from my brother, saying that C. had somehow found my needle, so I have it back now. I guess the couch spit it out. Maybe bamboo isn't very tasty.)