Sunday, February 22, 2009

What I've Been Doing, Applique Edition

Before I stumbled over the stitchery obsession, I was working on my applique quite a bit.  I've been working for quite a while on Baltimore's Country Cousins by Susan McKelvey (link goes to Amazon -- I tried to find a picture of a finished quilt, but couldn't), and am making very slow progress.  I've been saying I want this on my bed by my 15th anniversary, but at this rate, I'll be luck to have the top finished by then.

Here is my most recent finished block:

This makes eight finished blocks.  I still have four to go, plus the appliqued border.  I'm also adding a plain border to that, to make the quit big enough for my queen-sized bed.  And then I'm planning to hand-quilt it.  Much work still to go, I'm afraid.

Normally I wouldn't bother showing a picture of the new block at its current infant state, but this amuses me.
Doesn't that look like bug antennae?   It's actually two stems for leaves and flowers.  There'll be a third stem going straight up the middle, and a basket underneath.

Oh, and I promised a picture of my A Tisket, A Tasket block with the embroidery added:

I love this little block.  I'll be getting the January block with the snowman started soon.


  1. Nice work on the applique. The second block does look like a bug antennae. funny!

  2. Judy,
    I really like the Counrty Cousins quilt alot.
    Your Tisket block is great.....I am enjoying the embroidery alot at the moment.....Amy

  3. Love your Bunny Hill block. It's so pretty! Look forward to your next block.

  4. All your handwork is beautiful. Your A Tisket A Tasket block is darling - lovely fabrics. I am "watching" that BOM and collecting the instructions. Someday......